Pilea Depressa | Tiny Toes | Miniature Peperomia


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Partial Shade

Thrice per day

ordinary potting soil


Pilea depressa is a bright green plant with small thick leaves. This nice and easy to keep plant looks very pretty in a hanging pot, because the stalks with leaves can then hang down. In a terrarium Pilea depressa does well as a decorative climbing plant.

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  • Potted plant (Plant + pot)
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  • Instruction card for plant care


Low growing, spreading plant with thick green leaves and pinkish stems.  Pretty bright green foliage is round with an attractive scalloped edge. Tiny leaves reach about 1/4″ wide and grow tight to the stem.  With bright indirect light, plants grow close to the ground like a carpet and will cascade over the side of a pot.

Common Name:Tiny Toes, Leprechaun Toes
Botanical Name:Miniature Peperomia
Native To:Mexico & Brazil
Care Taking:Easy
Sunlight:Partial Shade
Soil:ordinary potting soil
Watering:Thrice per day

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  • Pilea needs to be watered differently during different times of the year.
  • During spring and summer, the top quarter inch of the soil should be kept moist. During fall and winter, allow the top quarter inch of soil to dry out before watering again.
  • This plant prefers a sandy soil mixture to live in.
  • This plant requires at least four hours of indirect, but bright, sunlight a day.

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