Pilea | Creeping Charlie | Pilea Nummmularifolia


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Full sun to Part Shade

Once every Two Day

Well Drained

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Both charming and sprawling, creeping Charlie’s small, crinkly foliage add a pretty flair to tropical gardens and houseplant collections.

Pilea nummulariifolia is a perennial evergreen herbaceous plant commonly known as creeping charlie native to the Caribbean and northern South America. It can be grown indoors, for example in a hanging pot.

A low, trailing or creeping herbaceous perennial that is not tolerant of freezing temperatures, it is native to tropical South America and the West Indies.Each round to oval leaf is a bright to medium glossy green with small scalloped edges. The blade has depressed veins that creates a quilted or crinkled texture. When temperatures are warm, small whitish green, but unnoticeable flowers can appear among the leaves. The sprawling, fleshy stems root at nodes where they come in contact with warm, moist soil.

Common Name:Creeping Jenny, Creeping Charlie
Botanical Name:Pilea Nummmularifolia
Native To:Caribbean and northern South America
Care Taking:Easy
Sunlight:Full sun to Part Shade
Placement:Indoor, Outdoor, Terrace, Balcony
Soil:Well Drained
Watering:Once every Two Day
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