Neorigilia Fireball


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Partial Shade

Twice a Week

Well Drained

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Nregelia Fireball is an easily grown, epiphytic Bromeliad. Foliage takes on a deep red hue when grown in full sun. Small blue flowers appear in the center of mature rosettes. A single plant will quickly form a spectacular cluster of multiple rosettes by a liberal production of stolons (or runners).

The small rosette of this bromeliad comprises a radial bouquet of concave, sword-like leaves without spines. In the center of the rosette is a water-holding cup. In spring or early summer, mature specimens form pincushion-like flower structures in the center that are partially submerged with water in the rosette cup. Tiny white to lavender blossoms reach just above the water line.

Common Name:Neorigilia Fireball
Botanical Name:Neorigilia Fireball
Native To:Brazil
Care Taking:Easy
Sunlight:Partial Shade
Placement:Indoor, Living Room, Balcony, Bedroom, Office Desk
Soil:Well Drained
Watering:Twice a Week
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