Krishna Kamal | Passion Flower | Passiflora


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Full Sun

Twice per day

Fertile, Moist


Krishna Kamal is a beautiful ornamental plant with medicinal properties. For the medicinal purpose whole plant either dried or fresh is used.

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  • Potted plant (Plant + pot)
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  • Instruction card for plant care


Krishna Kamal is cultivated for its impressive white-blue-purple flowers, edible fruits and medicinal uses. This herb named so as the corona resembles the crown of thorns worn by Christ during the crucifixion. The fruits of the plant are berries and contain considerable amount of lycopene. They are eaten fresh and used in juice drinks, beverages, baked goods, cereals, yogurt, ice cream, candy, jams, and jellies.

Common Name:Passion Flower, Passiflora, Apricot Vine, Purple Pa
Botanical Name:Passiflora incarnata
Native To:Mostly Central and South America; also North America, Southeast Asia, Oceania
Care Taking:Medium
Sunlight:Full Sun
Bloom Time:Summer
Soil:Fertile, Moist
Watering:Twice per day

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  • They widely grow in India and require temperature ranging between 15-25°C to prosper well.
  • The plants love the sun and need at least 4-5 hours of daylight every day.
  • Mulching them with a dense layer of organic compost can do wonders for their growth!
  • Make sure to water them thoroughly, do remember that the plants don’t handle drought well, so water them twice a week.

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