Hemigraphis Alternata | Purple Waffle


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Full Sun

Twice per day

Gardening soil


Hemigraphis alternata is an herb that grows near 30 cm (12 in) long. The stems of the plant are prostrate and purplish, especially at the nodes. The leaves are hairy and opposite, and one leaf of a pair is much larger than the other.

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Hemigraphis alternata is a creeping herb native has been widely commercialized as an ornamental, mainly due to its metallic green and purple foliage. It is also well-known as Murian Pacha and Murikootti. It is often planted as a carpet plant or ground cover in gardens, and is regularly dumped in garden waste, from which it spreads into wild areas. Once established, the species grows forming large dense carpets that totally cover the understorey of natural forests, displacing native vegetation.

Common Name:Purple Waffle Plant
Botanical Name:Hemigraphis Alternata
Native To:India, Java, Malaysia
Care Taking:Easy
Sunlight:Full Sun
Bloom Time:Summer
Soil:Gardening soil
Watering:Twice per day

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  • It is best grown in rich, moist, well-drained soils.
  • Considerably from full sun to part shade.
  • Propagate vegetatively by cuttings.

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