Golden fern | Boston fern | Nephrolepis Exaltata Aurea


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Full Sun

Once per day

loose, fertile, loam


These evergreen terrestrial or epiphytic ferns have short rhizomes and usually wiry spreading runners.

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Nephrolepis exaltata is considered as being a serious invasive plant, forming dense monocultures. It has 50 to 250cm (20 to 98 inch) long and 6 to 15cm (2 to 6 inch) broad in tufted clusters arising from underground rhizomes. The individual pinnae (leaflets) are as much as 2 to 8cm (1 to 3 inch) long and shallowly toothed, but not further divided. The pinnate vein pattern is also visible on these highly compound leaves.

Common Name:Golden Fern
Botanical Name:Polypodiopsida
Care Taking:Easy
Sunlight:Full Sun
Placement:Indoor, Outdoor
Soil:loose, fertile, loam
Watering:Once per day

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  • Nephrolepis exaltata needs moist soil at all times is advisable, without the soil becoming soggy.
  • In their natural habitat these ferns will be provided small amounts of sunshine under trees, shaded. The best light conditions to provide is indirect sunlight, although a small amount of sunlight encourages growth.
  • Peat moss potting soil mixes are best suited with per-lite added combined with all-purpose soil. The soil needs to be able to retain some water but also have the ability to drain fairly well.

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