Dumb Cane | Dieffenbachia Camelia


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Indirect Sunlight

Once every Two Day

Well Drained, Fertile, Rich in Organic Content

What you get:

  • Potted plant (Plant + pot)
  • Free gift
  • Instruction card for plant care


Dieffenbachia belonged to family Araceae. Dieffenbachia is a herbaceous plant with straight stem, simple and alternate leaves containing white spots and flecks, making it attractive as indoor foliage. Dieffenbachia is a broad-leaved foliage plant with thick succulent stems.

The large and showy dieffenbachia can be the perfect living decoration for the home or office. When you learn how to care for a dieffenbachia plant, you will find it to be adaptable to different kinds of lighting and conditions.

  • Easy to care and maintain.
  • Perfect indoor decorative plant.
  • Attractive foliage plant.
  • Best air purifier plant.
Common Name:Dumb Cane, leopard lily, Mother-in-law's Tongue
Botanical Name:Dieffenbachia Camelia
Care Taking:Easy
Sunlight:Indirect Sunlight
Placement:Indoor, Living Room, Balcony, Bedroom, Office Desk
Soil:Well Drained, Fertile, Rich in Organic Content
Watering:Once every Two Day
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