Tips to Water Succulents

Succulents!!! how their popularity sways on and on! They appear in a wide range of sizes, forms, colors and shapes making them appealing to almost everyone. Succulents are a vast collection of plants that have evolved to survive extreme drought by storing water in specialized cells in their leaves, stems and roots. In times of drought, these cells slowly release their moisture to use by the rest of the plant, enabling it to survive in periods of drought. This adaptation of storing water for later use enables succulent plants to thrive even when water is scarce.

How to water the succulents?

For the healthy roots and to achieve the plant’s natural pattern, water deeply and then give the soil time to dry out. When the soil is dry, water deeply. If the succulent is in a container with good drainage, set the container in a tray of water, and let the soil wick up the water for about five minutes. Then remove the pot from the water and let it drain. Do not water again until the soil is dry. If the succulent is in the ground or in a container too large to move, water at the soil line, rather than from overhead. Be sure not to let the succulent sit in waterlogged soil.

How frequent to water the succulents?

Succulents need high light (out of direct, hot sun) to do well indoors. Some do better indoors than others. That being said, how often you water them depends on how much light they’re getting & how warm your house temps are.

Water the succulents growing indoors about every 2 weeks in the summer months. In the cooler, darker winter months it’s every 3-4 weeks. They get watered less frequently than the succulents growing outdoors.

When it comes to watering succulents indoors, just know that less is more. As a guideline, it’ll be every 7-14 days in the warmers months & very 3-4 weeks in winter. You want to give them a thorough watering & let the soil dry out before watering again.

Things to Consider When Watering Succulents

  1. The hotter, the more often.
  2. The more sun, the more often (just know that fleshy succulents will burn in hot, direct sun).
  3. The smaller the pot size, the more often. This applies to low dishes too.
  4. The more humid your environment is, the less often you’ll water.
  5. The more fog you have, the less often.
  6. In winter, less often. This is the time for all plants to rest.
  7. The denser the soil mix, the less often (because it holds more water).
  8. If there is no drain hole, the less often. Water cautiously.

Over watering / Under watering

Just like with all plants (especially houseplants) there’s a line between too much water & too little water. If the leaves & stems are yellowed, shrivelled & look dried, then your succulent is under watered. If the leaves & stems are mushy & brown, then it’s over watered. Don’t worry about the occasional lower leaf drying out on succulents is normal – it’s how they grow.

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