Tips – How to care plants in Monsoon Season

We humans adore the monsoon (rainy season), so do plants. Just like we need an umbrella to protect from cold, viral infection, etc; plants also need special care. Inexchange plant promises stronger roots and a glimpse of nature. It is proved that the rains affect distinct moods for humans. Also it is the best time for the beautiful colours in the garden, balcony, etc. The Monsoon, a joyous time of the year for those who love gardening to see their plants grow fast and bloom in rain. It is not only the rains but the fresh and cool breeze blowing all day long during the monsoon season. Also the humidity in the air that acts as a boon for the plants.

Below points are the exclusive guidelines set by the grabyourplant team.


It is not recommended to water the plants during the monsoon unless you verify the dryness of soil dropping of the leaves. Even if you feel like watering, make sure you provide an adequate amount of water preventing the plants from damage.


During Monsoons, make sure you use good quality water, preferably crystal clean. Also we can all use the rainwater for watering the plants by storing this water in a clean bucket for a few days.


Everyone is aware of the fact that worms are the best friends of the plants. If not, it is because they build their size like holes in the soil and help to aerate the plants apart from nitrating the soil. If you find them cluttered at a single place you can spread them across the soil for the plant benefits.

Frogs also help gardeners to maintain the plant’s quality by eating the insects. Therefore they should not be restricted.


Use good quality fertilisers (foliar), possibly natural fertilisers (Cow dung, etc) which is considered the best case for plants. If it drains away due to rain then use bit by bit in intervals. This fertilisers should be sprayed on the plants and soil. Due to the fact that the pores in the plants open up. Spraying the fertiliser helps the plants to absorb them immediately.

It is also recommended that the Fungicide along with Pesticide needs to be applied on a weekly basis during monsoon season.


If you are planting in your garden or terrace in monsoon, it is highly recommended to use perforated sheets instead of plastic sheets. The perforated sheets are specially made for the purpose of plants to allow rainwater to reach the plant as the form of sprinkler and benefit them.


Monsoon is the perfect season for indoor gardening. The care tips mentioned above are easy to follow. If you face any of the difficulties in caring for your plants in the monsoon season or have any of the suggestions to add in the content by the fact of your experience, directly contact us via comment, mail, or phone. We are happy to consult grabyourplant customers in no cost.

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