Secrets of Houseplants

People usually are excited to purchase the houseplants. The customers range from beginners to experts. This article mainly targets beginners and intermediates. People get demotivated when they see their plant die or improper growth of plant. The only knowledge they mainly possess is sprinkling plenty of water but which is right to some extent.

We will share some proven secrets which is worth applying after your purchase –

1. Buy plants in pairs

Buying plants in pairs is always safe for the reason if one fails to grow. We all know one needs practice to take care of someone especially when the species is unknown.

Double the odds of success by buying houseplants in multiples of two. Best case scenario ? You have both

2. Some plants don’t crave sunshine

Plenty of plants can thrive in a dark apartment. Many of them enjoy tropical climates or rainforests where they can grow beneath other plants or tree canopies. Usually they say keep under sunlight direct or indirect. But the fact is some of the plants are happy kept in the dark.

3. Sometimes plants are healthy without leaves

Some houseplants that grow from bulbs can go dormant for a season, dropping their leaves and dying back. Do not despair. Give it time and move it out of sunlight to a spot where it can get some sleep.

4. A cactus like cold water

The conventional wisdom is that cacti like it hot because they come from the desert, where there is beating sun and baking temperatures. But those temperatures drop when the sun goes down and at night a desert can be quite cold. To keep your potted cactus happy indoors, put it in a sunny but cool spot.

5. Houseplants are allergic to dust

Unfortunately, the same dust that settles on your computer screen also settles on your plants and inhibits the leaves from properly photosynthesizing. Dusting houseplants can be accomplished with a damp cloth and some patience. The solution is to dust leaves monthly, with a cloth or brush, or to rinse foliage with a damp sponge. To avoid damaging delicate plants, cradle a leaf in one hand to support it while wiping or brushing it.

6. Houseplants ailments can be contagious to other plants

After you use clippers, pruners, or hand trowels, clean the, with rubbing alcohol to sterilize them. That way you’ll avoid transferring bacteria or bugs from one houseplant to another.

7. Plants need babysitters

Plants can’t water themselves. Make sure they’ll be taken care of when you’re not home. Treat them as one of the member in your family.

8. Houseplants would rather live outdoor than in

There’s no such thing as a houseplant, after all just outdoor plants forced into living indoors in pots. Some will put up with indoor conditions better than others but in general, all plants prefer higher humidity levels and increased circulation. When the weather cooperates, bring them outside to soak up fresh air and dappled sunshine.

Feel free to drop us a message here where you face difficulty growing your plant. Also we provide free consultation to customer who are confused or not sure which plant fits best in their environment.

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