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How to shop for plant online?

Visiting the local nursery should be ritual for passionate plant lovers who bask in the rows of sweetly scented flowers or plant specimens. Local nurseries typically limit their stock to the plants they think are most likely to sell, though, so if you are looking for more, you might be out of luck. Thanks to the internet and its wide reach, plant lovers can choose from a wide array of plants that often aren’t available locally. Whether you’re looking for a exotic indoor plant, beautiful foliage or lovely flowers chances are, you can find it online.

Before you go start filling in your shopping cart, heed these tips from the pro planers to ensure your plant’s happiness.

It is highly recommended to know your planting needs and shortlist accordingly

An aspiring planters or an experienced planters always have a choice in their mind. If not, don’t worry just go through the varieties of plants from the online store.

Firstly figure out the purpose of your plant, do you need it for decor? Or you need it for consumption? Or greenify your environment?

You can shortlist from the wide categories of plants like – Flowering plants, Foliage plants, Fruit and Vegetable plants, Climbers and Creepers plants and many more.

Research about plant’s needs

It’s easy to get swept away by beautiful images of blossoms and foliage, but will the plant grow in your environment?

So as you have shortlisted, now you need to know the basic requirements of the plants. Like;

  • Sunlight required within a day
  • Watering needs
  • Temperature
  • Soil dynamics

This will help you narrow down your shortlist.

Select a site for placement

Typically placing a plant at the right place is very important. It decides or predicts the probability of plant survival.

Now you have the plant’s essential requirements, choose a suitable place where you would like to have your plant placed. Beginners often make the common mistake of placing a plant without considering its requirement, so to keep your plant baby happy, offer them adequate sunlight, water and fertilizer.

You can help yourself by picturing the beautiful landscape with plant in selected place

Last but not the final step!

Let your imagination take over your soul and picture the beautiful landscapes of your plant baby and the environment.

Finally you can add your selected plant/s in the shopping cart. Do not hesitate to buy more then one plant, as always every living soul needs a companion.

P.S. For those that want to explore, don’t feel as though “special knowledge" is needed before you can get started. Everyone has their own way of experimentation and learning. Besides GrabYourPlant team gives free consultation to their customers for any query. It is also recommended to visit our FAQ’s section for quick solutions to common problems.

Please visit this link for FAQ or 24×7 Customer Support.

Happy Shopping! Happy Planting!

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