Healing power of flowers

Flower is the symbol for positive energy. Many of the natural therapies use physical medicines extracted from flowers.There is a direct way we can use the subtle vibrations of flowers for healing. The use of flowers in therapy is traditionally known as flower psychometry. Flower links to our psyche to balance our health state. A “chosen” flower can be used as a counselling device to provide solutions to our day to day problems.

Do you know ?

Sunflowers are well known for being bright and cheerful. But they can also be brewed into tea that helps soothe sore throats and menstrual cramps.

Impact of personal flower

Looking at a flower is the same as holding up a mirror to your soul in which you can see your life more clearly. Your personal flower will reveal your state of being at that time. It helps you learn to appreciate your own individual attributes. This self-knowledge is empowering and generates a deep feeling of being loved. These two essential elements which facilitate the healing process.

A major part of modern flower psychometry entails finding your personal flower which can impart a deeper understanding of both the problem and the remedy. The habitat and growth pattern of the flower as well as its shape, aroma and colouring contains personal information about you and holds the exact pattern of energy you need. It is the fact that flowers radiate light and aroma vibrations that gives them this ability to heal.

Plants as microcosm

Plants can be viewed as a microcosm – a reflection of the outside world. As the human organism is composed of a mass of moving energy particles of light, sound and electrical energy, we are instinctively attracted to the flowers whose vibrational energy is similar to our own. In the past it was thought that the plant mimicked the organ or illness that it could heal, so that the lungwort leaves resembled the lungs, while walnuts look like the two halves of the brain.

Often the shape and growth of a plant mimics our body language, so reflecting our body’s response to stress. By using flower psychometry we can build up a picture of ourselves in a thoroughly holistic way. We have also found that flower remedies not only relieve elements of discord in the mind but are able to restore harmony within our whole system, including the physical body.

Positive Vibrations

We can use flower psychometry to help identify the flower energy you require. This bloom will contain the healing blue-print required to establish energetic harmony by releasing the build up of energy held within your system. You can do this with the aid of the flower itself by holding the flower or bringing it within our auric field. After the energy is introduced the hues in your aura will become much clearer and brighter. Kirlian and aura photography, first developed in Russia during the nineteen thirties, confirms the differences in the intensity and range of colours in the aura when the colour vibrations are picked up by our energy system.

As vibrational medicine is able to penetrate into the subtle bodies, it can dispel energy blocks which often cause physical and emotional pain. The violet vibration in the form of the Lavandula flower can release a migraine or pressure in the temples which may be causing sore and tired eyes.

The Impact of Flower Colour

The colour violet has a high vibrational frequency which has natural resonance with our brain, so it is not surprising that this colour has been found to have a narcotic and euphoric action on the mind. Violet light has been used to balance the psyche, and is especially useful in cases of obsessions, phobias and mood swings. Recently, a leading researcher of photo-biology Dr Jacob Liberman has offered evidence in his book Light Medicine of the Future that the short-wavelengths of light have a positive effect in the treatment of addictions. Flower essences made from blue and violet coloured flowers such as purple monkeyflower and periwinkle have also been found to have a similar effect.

Real world example

Once a while a woman whose career as a teacher and personal life was being ruined by ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). She had tried all types of treatment without improvement. In desperation her husband decided to take her on a special break to a spring garden, well-known for its azaleas and rhododendrons. While moving through the garden, one magenta coloured azalea bush caught her attention and she spent some time seated next to the plant. She told me that as she sat there she felt a rush of energy into her body, and ever since that time her energy levels have continued to improve. She is back teaching part-time.


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