Do Plants have Humour? Oh Yes!

You might be questioning, how can the plants have a sense of humour! Don’t worry, you are absolutely normal.

The definition of humour we are relating to plants is the “quality of being amusing or comic". Therefore, if plants can make you smile or amused, then, by definition, plants do have humour. Let’s check out the humoristic side of plants, here we go:

Air plants

Air Plant

Air plants are a unique combination of houseplant and ornament. It does not require soil because the clear glass globe holds a beautiful, easy-to-grow living plant, just humid air. That means you can enjoy these exotic beauties without a lot of fuss or mess.

The funniest thing is they have twisty branches, big spiky topknots, yet they do not have root systems. Isn’t this pretty amazing/amusing about how they live on air!



Without being touched cactus looks all cute and cuddly. But do not get trapped by its beauty leading you to touch. Also the Asymmetry shape of the cactus  is visually amusing. Some of the cacti have eccentric growth habits, arms that stick out here and there. Surprising, Silly!.



Succulents are very amusing by their appearance. They are spiky, colorful and available in lots of different forms . This is the perfect example of what people visualize as simple green houseplants.

Spider plants

Spider Plant

Spider plants have funny characteristics. They give birth to new plants by tossing out a stem, then growing a baby at the end of it. It’s like having a baby erupt from the ends of your fingertips.

Also the carnivorous plants, such as pitcher plants or Venus fly traps, are diabolically funny; they are designed to capture and devour insect food snacks.

Interesting plant pots can enhance a plants’ sense of humour.

How does the plants humour applies to human

Considering the basic example of the work environment:

Workers in office environments with natural elements on their desk, such as live plants, etc report ~15% improvement in their wellbeing. More statistically, about 6% growth in their productivity and they are 15% more creative.

Based on the Neuroscience research finds that our ability to learn better through humour has to do with the body’s chemistry. When we feel good – like when we laugh – the power hormone dopamine floods our brain. Cognitive studies show dopamine is important for both motivation and long-term memory. Educational research finds retention goes up when humour is used effectively – meaning that it’s age-relevant, inclusive, and lighthearted.

Scientists have 40 years of research on educational humour showing it strengthens human connections and is a helpful learning tool. So it was time to put humour to work for Mother Nature!

Benefits of plants


Finally by our research we can conclude, there is a deep secret about the characteristics of each plant which enhance our capabilities. Moreover this can only be felt by its presence near us. Grabyourplant Team provides free consultation and recommendation to its customers by helping them choose the plants which best fit according to their needs.

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