Begonia | Begonia cucullata | Orange


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Full Sun

Thrice per day

Loam, Clay, Sand, Moist


The flowers are frequently showy and large, white, pink, scarlet or yellow in colour.

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  • Potted plant (Plant + pot)
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Typically used as houseplants and in shaded summer beds, begonias have tropical and subtropical origins. Some are grown for their asymmetrical, patterned and variegated foliage, and others to add color to shady garden areas with their bright blooms. Although typically on the smaller side, begonia plants pack a big punch of color and interest.

Common Name:Wax Begonias or Bedding Begonias
Botanical Name:Begonia cucullata
Native To:Brazil, Mexico
Care Taking:Hard
Sunlight:Full Sun
Bloom Time:All spring and summer
Soil:Loam, Clay, Sand, Moist
Watering:Thrice per day

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  • Begonia should be watered when the soil or pot feels dry, but don’t wait until the plant starts to wilt.
  • You can cut back on water during their dormant period in the winter, watering only when the pot dries out.
  • begonias prefer a light, rich soil. When planting directly in the ground, a moist, well-drained location is optimal and mulch will keep the roots shaded.
  • prefers plenty of indirect sunlight.

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