Alocasia | Elephant ear | Alocasia Mortfontanensis


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Partial Shade

Twice per day

Loose and Fertile


The elephant ear is hybrid that has become relatively common ornamental plant in the home.

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Alocasia and colocasia, better known as elephant ears, are impressive plants that are prized for their dramatic foliage. Their huge leaves can measure up to 2 feet across and the foliage color ranges from lime green to almost black. Upright elephant ears (Alocasia) have shiny leaves that often display colorful variegations. They can be grown indoors as well as out. Colocasia have a more spreading habit and their leaves typically have a velvety surface texture. Elephant ears can easily hold their own as a solo plant in the garden or in a large container. They also combine beautifully with other summer bulbs and annuals.

Common Name:Alocasia, Elephant Ear
Botanical Name:Alocasia Mortfontanensis
Native To:Tropical and Subtropical Asia to Eastern Australia
Care Taking:Easy
Sunlight:Partial Shade
Bloom Time:Rarely flowers
Soil:Loose and Fertile
Watering:Twice per day

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  • The plant require partial sun shine.
  • Elephant ears are water-loving plants. They need at least moist, organically rich soil, but constantly moist soil is preferable, especially in warm months.
  • Use a fast draining peat based potting mix.

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