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About Us

Everyone should live with a little more green

GrabYourPlant is here to help strengthen your relationship with plants. We make buying plants easy by delivering healthy, ready-to-go plants to your door and setting you up with the care instructions you need to help your plants thrive. Plants make life better. We make plants easy.

Our Journey

Hiten Chothani and Neel Gala are founders of We are friends from diploma and graduated in computer engineering together in the same college. From the day we met, we share the same interest in nature. We love trekking, nature, and talk a lot about plants and also play cricket.

After graduation, we worked for IT companies and started gaining real-world experience. During our employment journey, we realized we are missing something, we missed the talks, the interests because of the busy schedule in each company. Gossiping from seven days had cut down to two days. We felt the spark of nature inside us is taken away with the responsibilities. Until one day, we decided to follow our hearts and stay connected with nature considering not only for ourselves but also for making the beauty public. Hence the ideation of GrabYourPlant started in October 2019 and the journey continues.

What inspired us to start this project

We realized the positive influence gardening can have on our lives. Apart from mood- boosting benefits, it also helps combat loneliness. Also, there are aesthetic and other benefits of this activity.

However, most people believe that gardening is an onerous task that not only takes time but also efforts. Besides, it isn’t easy for everyone to find high-quality plants, seeds, and soil according to their needs.

While deliberating upon the idea of gardening, we realized that starting a nursery with all kinds of plants would be a noble initiative for plant lovers. At the initial stage, our idea was to get started with the project. But after carrying our research, we were thrilled to discover the business possibilities in the arena. That’s what inspired us to expand our idea of GrabYourPlant and translate it into a mega business project.

What we provide

Today, we are happy to translate our business idea into action and present the leading online nursery in India at the disposal of plant lovers. From medicinal plants to Vaastu plants, you will find them all on GrabYourPlant.

We understand the importance of a swift and professional delivery system for plants at the doorstep. As a customer-centric organization, we care for our clients and try our best to ensure their convenience. In our sincere efforts in this direction, we focus on delivering your orders at the doorstep within a stated delivery period.

You can either buy our plants for your use or gift them to those who matter to you the most. We make suitable arrangements to cater to both these needs for the benefit of our clients. Lastly, we acknowledge the importance of cost-effectiveness in accomplishing our goals of being the one-stop destinations for plant lovers on the Internet. Despite dealing with the plants of the highest quality, we do not believe in charging an exorbitant amount of money from our clients. Instead, we focus on delivering the plants of the highest quality to our clients within their budget.

We believe in growing in a step-by-step manner and as such, we value the feedback of our esteemed clients. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to share your feedback/suggestion. After all, it helps us understand your needs and serve you in the best possible manner.

Connecting with nature means connecting with ourself. If we do so, we nurture a better planet.

Narendra Modi